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To provide the Commandant of the Marine Corps, and HQMC Staff Agencies/Activities with professional and expert Information, Personnel, Physical and, Communications Security program management in support of mission requirements; Security-related training, and parking permit management for all personnel aboard the Pentagon; Freedom of Information, Privacy Act, and passport/visa requests Marine Corps-wide.

Additional Information on the below Security Briefs, Forms, Websites, and Training can be found on the HQMC Security Note 02-17 located at 

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Passport Organizational Mailbox 
by System Account
For Passport and Visa status checks or general questions please email the organizational mailbox at:


ARS VTC Conference Room Reservation
HQMC, ARS is pleased to announce the availability of the ARS Conference Room for classified (ONLY) VTC's.  The conference room can seat 18 people, has power point presentation display and a smart board. The conference room will be available between the hours of 0800 - 1500, Monday - Friday.  HQMC Staff Agencies/Activities may schedule the conference room for classified VTC's by sending an email to
Reservation request must be submitted 3 working days prior to the meeting. To reserve the room the following information is required:

  1. Date Needed
  2. Duration
  3. Point of Contact Information
  4. Office Code
  5. Telephone Number
  6. Audience Size
  7. Purpose/Subject
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