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Q. How can I find out who is my Staff Agency Security Coordinator?

A. To find out who your Security Coordinator is, please contact the Staff Agency Administrative Officer or the HQMC Security Office at (703) 614-3609.

Q. How do I obtain a Pentagon (PNT) Building Access?

A. To obtain a PNT Building Access contact your Staff Agency/Activity Security Coordinator.

Q. What acceptable identification do I need to have in order to be issued granted PNT Building Access?

A. In order to be granted PNT Building Access, you must present two forms of ID; one from each category listed below: 

1.  Picture ID from federal or state government:  State-Issued Drivers License, State DMV-Issued ID, Military ID Card, Military Retiree ID, Military Dependent’s Card, U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Card, Foreign Passport with appropriate stamps, Permanent Resident Card or Alien Registration Card with a photograph (INS Form I-151 or I-551) and ID Card issued by federal or state government provided it includes a photograph.

2.  Acceptable ID to verify Social Security Number (SSN):  Social Security Card (original), current Military ID Card, current Military Dependant’s ID Card, Military Retiree ID Card, W-2 from last year’s, Federal Pay Stub (must display full SSN), State Voter Registration Card (only if it displays the full SSN), SF-50 (only if it displays full SSN), and Verification of SSN letter from the Social Security Administration.

Q. How do I obtain a Common Access Card (CAC)

A. Military and civilian personnel can be issued a CAC by visiting the nearest Identification Card issuing facility.  Civilian personnel, who are receiving a CAC for the first time, must have received their Standard Form 50 from Human Resources prior to issuance of a CAC. Contractor personnel must contact their Staff Agency/Activity Security Coordinator, to receive the required forms.

Q. What acceptable identification do I need to have in order to be issued a CAC?

A. In order to be issued a CAC you must present two forms of ID. The following are acceptable identification: Expired CAC, Current Military ID Card, Current Military Retiree ID, Current Military Dependent’s ID, Current Driver’s License, Social Security Card, Voter’s Registration Card, and Current U.S. Passport. 

Q. How to obtain a SIRPNET Account?

A. To obtain a SIRPNET Account contact your Staff Agency/Activity Security Coordinator.

Q. How to properly hand carry classified material?

A. To properly hand carry classified material you must have written authorization (Courier Card/Courier Letter) from HQMC Security Office to hand carry classified material. Contact your Staff Agency/Activity Security Coordinator to request for authorization.

All classified material hand carried within a building; to include bulk material will be protected by placing an appropriate classification document cover sheet as the top page to prevent casual observation. When transporting classified material outside the building, the material must be doubled wrapped. The inner envelope must have the appropriate classification marking and the outer envelope will not reveal any information pertaining to the contents within. A briefcase may be used as the outer wrapping except when traveling via a commercial airline. Authorization to hand carry classified material via commercial airline must receive prior approval from the DirAR (ARS). Classified material will not be carried into common areas such as the PX, snack bar, restrooms, or the barbershop and will utilize the most direct route to destination. For transportation of COMSEC physical material and CCI, contact HQMC COMSEC Manager.

Q. What do I need to do before traveling to a foreign country?

A. Before traveling to a foreign country, you must complete the following:

1  Complete a Notification of Foreign Travel Form and submit to your Staff Agency/Activity Security Coordinator at least 30 days prior to your departure. Upon your return, you must complete the Debriefing part of the form and submit that your Staff Agency/Activity Security Coordinator. To receive the form, please contact your Staff Agency/Activity Security Coordinator.

2.  Visit the DoD Foreign Clearance Guide website for travel requirements, restrictions, and training.

3. Receive a Foreign Travel Briefing from HQBN Anti-Terrorism Officer. To schedule a briefing please contact the HQBN Anti-Terrorism Officer at (703) 614-1471.

Q. How do I obtain Swipe Access to my office space?

A. To obtain swipe access to an office space, contact your Staff Agency/Activity Security Coordinator.
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