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CUSTOMER SERVICE.  Providing excellent customer service is a key component of ARI’s organizational mission. In fulfilling this goal, ARI provides support for SIPRNet and NIPRNet Marine Corps Enterprise Network and those systems and applications residing on them. 

IT SERVICE DESK.  ARI provides an IT Service Desk as the initial entry point for customer requests for IT support for all NIPRNet resources [e.g. incident/problem resolution; request for IT services (RFS), checking in/out etc.].  Incidents, problems, and/or RFS identified via phone call, walk-in, or email will be documented, via a service ticket, assigned to the appropriate section within ARI, and tracked to ensure resolution of the issue.


Hours: The Help Desk phone-line is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; Walk-in (Pentagon) - 0800-1530 M-F
Locations: Pentagon, Rm# 2D247; Marsh Center (Quantico), Rm# 106D
Phone: (855) 373-8762


INFORMATION ASSURANCE (IA).  ARI provides a full range of IA services for the HQMC, from user training/support, to hosted application/system support, to security incident coordination and remediation.  Spillage coordination, website waiver requests, cryptographic logon (CLO) exception management, vulnerability scanning, certification and accreditation support are but a few of the services that the ARI team provides for our customers.

PORTAL AND WEB DEVELOPMENT.  ARI maintains a team of developers to support HQMC portal and web capability requirements.  Developers are knowledgeable in Microsoft SharePoint and SQL applications.  Services range from portal design and development, to small application development, to database integration.  Services are obtained by submitting a request to the Service Desk via phone, email or the Virtual Support Center (preferred method).

* Applications and/or systems requiring Oracle or Lotus Notes support must be outsourced at the customer’s expense as ARI is not staffed to support these applications.

APPLICATION AND SYSTEM HOSTING.  The HQMC IT Center provides a virtualized environment for local application and system hosting.  The environment runs on IBM blade hardware platforms and is completely virtualized, ensuring the most efficient and effective use of resources.  ARI ensures the security and operational capability of the operating system (OS) while the customer is responsible for the security, maintenance and management of the application/system itself. 

DEPARTMENT OF NAVY (DON) TRACKER.  DON TRACKER is designed to provide a unified approach for tasking, documents and records management, and consolidated knowledge across the enterprises. The contractor-supported DON Tracker USMC Help Desk operates from 0600 to 2000 on all work days (holidays and weekends are not included).  The DON Tracker USMC Help Desk will provide timely, efficient and effective responses to user-reported DON TRACKER issues/problems.

CONTINUITY OF OPERATIONS (COOP).  HQMC IT Center COOP capability is supported through the Defense Continuity Integrated Network (DCIN) program.  As such, HQMC Mission Assurance Category (MAC) level I and II applications and/or systems may be incorporated into the program.  Defense Continuity Integrated Network (DCIN) is an Enterprise-level Storage Area Network (SAN) supporting the COOP data requirements of the critical applications and systems within HQMC. DCIN is comprised of Enterprise-level storage devices, as well as two classified remote target sites, and the circuit connectivity between those locations and the designated HQMC relocation facilities.  The Army Information Technology Agency (ITA) is the service provider for this capability and ARI is the HQMC liaison to ensure those critical applications and systems fall under the program for support.

DATA STORAGE.  Systems and applications that are hosted in the HQMC IT Center are provisioned with storage space as required and as resources are available.

DATA BACKUP.  HQMC IT Center provides backup services for those systems and applications that are hosted within the IT Center, to include SIPRNet email and file shares.

* NMCI email and file shares are maintained by the NMCI and are not within ARI’s responsibility.

COMPUTER KIOSK/WORK SPACE.  NIPRNet, SIPRNet and Legacy network access capability are available for IT Center customer’s use in order to perform server and/or application maintenance.  This service must be coordinated with ARI prior to customer arrival as clearance level must be verified.

COMMERCIAL WIRELESS DATA AND VOICE.  ARI provides commercial cellular services for HQMC (voice and data).  At present, this service is provided through a contract with Verizon.  Carriers are chosen based on the area of operations and type of service required.  All commercial wireless services are provided as a fee-for-service.

COMMERCIAL VOIP VOICE (LAND LINE TELEPHONE).  ARI provides a liaison between Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and HQMC as all VoIP communications within the Pentagon Area (excluding Naval Support Facility) are provided by the Joint Service Provider (JSP).  Services provided include local, long distance, Defense Switched Network (DSN), voice mail, and conference calling.  All voice communications, with the exceptions of facsimiles, use Voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology. 

* HQMC activities at MCB Quantico should contact (703) 784-0178/79 for telephone related issues.

SECURE VIDEO TELECONFERENCING (SVTC).  SVTC solutions are provided to VIPs who require a SVTC capability.  Asset procurement is the responsibility of the customer.  ARI provides for connectivity and follow-on troubleshooting as needed.

OFFICE AUTOMATION TRAINING.  ARI provides software application training to all HQMC customers and their dependents.  Monthly training schedules are provided via email to all HQMC customers approximately 3 working days prior to the beginning of the month.  Training offered consists of the Microsoft Office suite of products (Excel, PowerPoint, and Word); Microsoft SharePoint; and DON TRACKER (New User & Tasker Coordinator) tasking systems. 

* DON TRACKER and Microsoft Office product training has been suspended until further notice.

IT HARDWARE / SOFTWARE SUPPORT.  As an Authorizing Agent for HQMC IT procurement requests within the Marine Corps IT Procurement Request/Review/Approval System (ITPRAS) ARI maintains awareness of IT assets throughout the HQMC.  As ARI is responsible for IT asset management within HQMC, we will work with HQMC customers to ensure they have the correct IT capability to accomplish their mission.  

PERSONAL FOR (P4) MESSAGING.  The Quantico Area Control Center (ACC) is responsible for routing P4 messages directly to each recipient’s Outlook e-mail account.  Each HQMC staff organization with a General Officer is required to submit a “P4 Authorization Letter” to ARI listing the names and ranks of those individuals who are authorized to receive P4 messages on behalf of their General Officer.  ARI will route these “P4 Authorization Letters” to the Quantico ACC, who in turn shall ensure incoming P4s addressed to a specific General Officer are also delivered to the Outlook e-mail accounts of those individuals on that general officer’s “P4 Authorization Letter”.

Administration and Resource Management