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Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps


The Administrative Office (AR-1 & 2) provides administrative support services to Headquarters, Marine Corps (HQMC), Coordination of the HQMC Combined Federal Campaign and Manpower management of the HQMC Table of Organization (T/O).

Specific services include:

  1. Specialized administrative support coordination.
  2. Designated Records Management Control and division directives control.
  3. Scheduling and upkeep of an unclassified conference room located within 2C253 at the Pentagon. This conference room has multi-channel Video Teleconferencing Capability (VTC) and is available for internal AR Division use.
  4. Coordination of the HQMC Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) fund drive; and
  5. Manpower Management of HQMC Tables of Organization (T/O).

Conference Room Scheduling

Reservations for the use of the unclassified conference room located in 2C253 may be requested telephonically or in person. This conference room seats 16 at the table (boat shaped to enhance VTC capability) and 17 around the room for a total occupancy of 33. Additionally, the conference room maybe reserved by the Office of the Director Marine Corps Staff and other HQMC GO/SES personnel that will be present for the reservation. The CMC, ACMC, and SMMC take priority and may use the conference room at any time. Advanced notice will be given to those with reservations. To reserve this conference room, the following information is required:

  1. Date Needed
  2. Duration
  3. Point of Contact Information (name of person reserving room)
  4. AR Office Code or Office Code GO/SES that will attend
  5. Telephone Number
  6. Attending audience size (# persons attending)
  7. Senior GO/SES (that will be attending – required)
  8. Purpose/Subject (unclassified)
  9. Unclassified use confirmation

NOTE: No eating, drinking, or smoking is allowed in the conference room. If you need to cancel or reschedule a room reservation on the date requested, please call AR-1 as soon as possible. “No show” reservations will be cancelled 15 minutes after the requested start time unless AR-1 is notified prior of a late arrival. AR-1 Office telephone numbers are: (703) 614-1837/2645.

HQMC Fund Drives

The HQMC Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) fund drive is managed by the AR Division Front Office. The CFC is the only authorized fund drive in the federal workplace, and as such, solicitation of federal employees and active duty service members is permissible. While solicitation of funds for other causes is prohibited, it is acceptable to disseminate information and allow federal employees to support other worthy causes, if they choose to do so. The CFC fund drive normally runs from September through December. All fund drives managed by AR Division are locally coordinated via organizational key volunteers.

AR-2: (571) 256-8203.


Proposed changes (additions, deletions, reorganizations, etc.) must be staffed through AR-2 before submission to CG, Marine Corps Combat Development Command, Total Force Structure Division (TFSD), for final approval. AR-2 reviews the Table of Organization and Equipment Change Request (TOECR) to ensure accuracy and compliance with appropriate HQMC guidance.  Once this review is completed and the TOECR is ready for submission, AR-2 will electronically submit the TOECR in the Total Force Structure Management System. AR-2 is also available to provide customers with TOECR requirement advisory and source document generation.


3000 Marine Corps Pentagon
Room 2C253
Washington, DC 20350-3000

AR Division Front Office/Conference Room Reservations (AR-1)
(703) 614-1837

Administrative Officer (AR-1)
(703) 614-1837

Manpower Analyst/Charitable Campaigns Manager (AR-2)
(571) 256-8203

Administration and Resource Management