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(a) MCO 3302.1D
(b) MARADMIN 084/12

1. The reference require all Marine Corps personnel and civilian employees to receive Level I AT Awareness Training annually. The required training must be completed for anyone being deployed, eligible for deployment or if the terrorism threat level within the U.S. and its territories rise above moderate.  
2. The references further direct all domestic U.S. based DoD personnel, including family members, 14 years of age or older (when family members are deploying or traveling on Government orders) and DoD-employed Contractors receive Level I AT Awareness Training. Furhter, all Marine Corps personnel and civilian employees shall be provided an Area of Responsiblity (AOR) update and threat brief within three months of deployment overseas. 

3. Level I AT Awareness Training is currently available at DoD service members, DoD civilians and DoD contractors who are first time MarineNet users and enrolled in the Defense Enrollment Eligiblity System (DEERS), can create an account by clicking on the "create a new MarineNet account" link in the "how to begin" section of the MarineNet homepage. Contractors and International Officers, serving with the USMC, and others not enrolled in DEERS, will require command sponsorship to obtain a MarineNet account. Instructions on submitting for an account can be found by clicking on the "requesting a MarineNet account" link in the "how to begin" section of the MarineNet homepage. 

4. MarineNET can be accessed via any public key enabled (PKE) computer using your email certificate and pin or via any non-pke computer using your user name and password. To access a course, type in the title of the course, "Joint Anti-Terrorism Level 1" or course code "JATLV10000", into the search window and click the search catalog button. In the next window, click enroll icon to launch the course. For assistance with any questions or problems accessing MarineNet or viewing these courses contact the MarineNet helpdesk at: or by calling between 0800-1900 est, Monday through Friday at (888)4DL-USMC (435-8762).

5. Deskside AOR updates and threat briefs are available for General officers and members of the Senior Executive Service at any time by contacting the HQBN Anti-Terrorism Officer, at (703)693-1729.

6. To fulfil travel-briefing requirements when traveling overseas, all civilian and military personnel must be briefed in accordance with the highest terrorism threat level established by DoD for the AOR for each individual country. To schedule your brief contact HQBN Anti-Terrorism Officer, at (703)693-1729.
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