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Who we are

The Publishing and Logistics Systems Management Section (ARDE) serves as the Marine Corps Central Printing and Publishing Management Organization (MCCPPMO). Our mission is to provide comprehensive oversight, management, and control of Marine Corps printing and publishing programs. This includes formulating policies and regulations related to document services acquisition and management. Additionally, ARDE directly supports printing and document services for Marine Corps activities. Responsibilities in specific functional areas follow:

ADMINISTRATION SUPPORT: Our mission is to provide exceptional administrative support by efficiently managing communication between our clients and ARDE personnel. We strive to ensure seamless operations, uphold professionalism, and contribute to the overall success of MCCPPMO.

PUBLISHING MANAGEMENT: Our mission is to advance knowledge and inspire valor through the publication of essential materials for the United States Marine Corps. We are dedicated to ensuring that all current Marine Corps publications, including directives, doctrine, history, and manuals, are easily accessible to the fleet. Through our comprehensive works, we aim to inform and educate all users in need of our services, thereby enhancing the effectiveness and readiness of our Marines worldwide. Our collaborative environment fosters partnerships with publishing sponsors throughout the Corps, enabling us to maintain an unwavering commitment to providing the most current and relevant publications in a timely manner.

NAVMC MANUALS: We are committed to excellence in the preparation, approval, and maintenance of NAVMC Manuals, ensuring detailed and comprehensive guidance for Marine Corps operations, administration, training, and logistics. Our mission is to establish standardized practices and protocols that enhance operational efficiency and administrative processes within the Marine Corps through our comprehensive manuals.

MARINE CORPS PUBLICATIONS ELECTRONIC LIBRARY (MCPEL): The Marine Corps Publications Electronic Library (MCPEL) is accessible online via the publicly accessible website, Under the "News" tab at the top, select "Publications" to access authorized electronic versions of publications for public release (Limited Dissemination Control: None). This website houses all publicly accessible publications that the Marine Corps deems necessary for day to day operations as well as share with the public.

TECHNICAL DATA MANAGEMENT - PUBLICATIONS (TDM-PUBS): The Technical Data Management - Publications (TDM-PUBS) website hosts current digital versions of technical and non-technical publications issued by Headquarters Marine Corps Staff Agencies, Major Commands, and other DoD and Federal Agencies. These publications are used by the Marine Corps, excluding classified materials. TDM-PUBS is accessible at This website also allows publications clerks and sponsors to manage their publications libraries.

PRINTING MANAGEMENT: Our mission is to deliver comprehensive printing support to the Marine Corps, providing essential services for publications. We specialize in offering high-quality printing solutions for General Officers (GOs), including card stock, letterhead, and stationary. Our commitment lies in meeting deadlines and ensuring high-impact results.


Publishing and Logistics Systems Management Section (ARDE)

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