Parking information for Administration and Resource Management

Parking aboard the Pentagon Reservation (Pentagon and NSF) is a privilege and personnel should closely follow all parking regulations and posted signage.
Parking permits for HQMC personnel are distributed to each Department and Staff Agency based on the square footage of each organization. The HQMC Parking SOP dated 04 Feb 15 provides detailed information on parking aboard the Pentagon Reservation. The Parking SOP is available at a bottom of this page "Parking SOP".
Permanent handicapped (“H”) permits are issued by the Pentagon Parking Management Office and do not count against an organization’s parking allocation. Applicants must have current medical documentation from their physician and make an appointment at the Dilorenzo TRICARE Clinic (Pentagon) for approval of a Pentagon Reservation handicapped parking permit. The approval letter from the clinic must be attached to the parking permit application submitted by the agency parking representative to the Pentagon Parking Management Office, (703) 697-6251.
Carpool and vanpool permits are also available by contacting the Pentagon Parking Management Office in room 2D1039, (703) 697-6251.

All Parking aboard the Pentagon Reservation is managed and controlled by the Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA).  Parking allocations are distributed by PFPA to the various DoD Components aboard the Pentagon Reservation.  The Department of the Navy manages and distributes the parking allocated for the Navy and Marine Corps.  This allocation is based on the most current Pentagon Occupancy and Space Allocation Study (POSAS) percentages. Parking allocations for HQMC is managed by the Director, Administration and Resource Management Division (ARS).  

The Division Parking Representatives will establish their own allocations for their Agency/Activity based on the department’s percentages of parking spaces that were distributed by the AR Division. 

In additional to managing the Parking Allocation aboard the Pentagon Reservation for HQMC Personnel, ARS is also responsible for the following parking activities:

  • Executive Parking
  • VIP Visitor Parking
  • Handicapped Parking
  • Shift Worker
  • Official Business Access Passes
  • General Delivery (Remote Delivery Facility Access)

Please refer to the HQMC Parking SOP for more information and detail instructions for parking aboard the Pentagon Reservation. The HQMC Parking SOP is located under documents.

HQMC Parking Control Officer  - Ms. Kathleen Zebreski (703) 614-2122

Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA) (703) 696-6251

Towing (703) 607-1001

Metro Check (703) 614-0084

Access Control (703) 697-9327

AR 703 614-1837

AVN 703 614-2356 

C-4 703 693-3464

CL 703 697-5357

CMCC/ACMC/DMCS/SMMC/E20/Protocol 703 697-1668

M&RA 703 695-1929

PP&O 703 614-8484/63

I&L 571 256-2743 / 703-695-8644

Intel 703 614-2522

JA 703 614-8661

MCCDC 703 614-8610

OLA 703 614-1686/87

P&R 703 614-1080

PA 703 614-8010

Safety 703 604-4479 / 703 604-4362

Health Services 703 604-4597 / 703 604-4557

Administration and Resource Management