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The mission of the HQMC ARI Telecommunications Support is to provide reliable service to our customers on both wireless and land based technologies. Our primary wireless service provider is Verizon Wireless while our landline service (VoIP and some limited VTC capabilities) are provided by DISA JSP. Analog phone service as well as ISDN based service is provided by Verizon Business. 

HQMC ARI Telecommunications Support represents HQMC Departments and Staff Agencies at all meetings regarding new building design to ensure that all voice and data requirements are addressed and are satisfied per industry and G-6 standards. This includes ordering necessary equipment to satisfy identified data and voice requirements. Telecommunications Support is located in Pentagon, Room 2D247.

Commercial Wireless Services

  • Purchase requests for new wireless equipment and services
  • International calling and international data
  • Mobile Phone Tethering
  • IT Support during business hours
  • Voicemail setup/changes

Landline Voice Support

  • Purchase requests for new telephone equipment
  • Device configuration updates and changes
  • IT Support during business hours

Submitting Requests and Incidents

Work Orders

Work orders are for any installations, changes, and telecommunication audit services. HQMC ARI Telecommunications Support TSCO’s are the only persons authorized to submit Telephone Service Requests. The DISA JSP Polycom VoIP guide is a quick reference guide to the telephone system in the Pentagon. It lists feature descriptions, how to activate these features, emergency numbers, voicemail commands and dialing instructions.

Trouble Tickets

Trouble tickets are for any problem with EXISTING services, such as a dead phone line, static, or any other telecommunication service already in place. Anyone with services located in the Pentagon can report a trouble by calling the DISA JSP Customer Service Center at (703) 571-4577, Option 1.

Administration and Resource Management