Director, Administration and Resource Management
Mr. Andrew Sullivan

Andrew Sullivan is a native of Sia Tama Ken, Japan and hails from Flint, MI. In Aug of 1981, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and subsequently had the following assignments:

Aug 81 - Oct 81: 3d Recruit Training Bn., MCRD San Diego, CA.
Nov 81 - Dec 82: A Co., MCCES, MCAGCC, 29 Palms CA.
Assigned as a Ground Radio Repairer MOS 2841.Dec 82 - Dec 85: MABS-12, MAG-12, 1st MAW, Iwakuni, JA.
Jan 85 - Jan 88: 3d FAAD Btry, 3d LAAD Bn, MACG-38, 3d MAW, Camp Pendleton.
Jan 88 - Jan 91: MWCS-48, 4th MAW, Glenview, IL.
Jan 91 - Aug 91: A Co., MCCES, MCAGCC, 29 Palms CA.
Assigned MOS as a Ground Radio Technician MOS 2861.
Aug 91 - Aug 92: 3d ELMACO and BSSG 9, 3rd FSSG, Okinawa, JA.
Aug 92 - Feb 95: Logistics Command, MCLB Barstow, CA.
Feb 95 - May 95: Warrant Officer Basic Course, TBS, Quantico, VA.
Assigned as Communications Electronics Maintenance Officer MOS 2805.
Jun 95 - Aug 97: MACS-1, MACG-38, Camp Pendleton, CA.
Aug 97 - Aug 99: 3d AA Bn, 1st MARDIV, Camp Pendleton, CA.
Aug 99 - Aug 01: 7th Comm Bn, III MEF, Okinawa, JA.
Assigned as Electronics Maintenance Officer 2802.
Aug 01 - Aug 02: Comm Co, 3d MARDIV, Okinawa, JA.
Aug 02 - Aug 04: MWCS-28, MACG-28, 2d MAW, Cherry Point, NC.
Aug 04 - Aug 06: ELMACO, 2d MLG, Camp Lejeune, NC.
Aug 06 - Aug 09: G6, III MEF, Okinawa, JA.
Aug 09 - Jul 12: G6, MFR, New Orleans, LA.

In July 2012, LtCol Sullivan retired from the Marine Corps after 31 years of active duty service.

In Sept of 2012, he accepted a civilian position as the G6 Logistics Officer, MCICOM. In Sept 2020, he was selected as the ARI Branch Head, AR Division. He currently serves as the Director, AR Division.

Administration and Resource Management